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                  Welcome toJilin Yonglin Chemical Co., Ltd. 中文版 English  

                  Jilin Yonglin Chemical

                  ADD:Jilin City, Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone




                  Phosphorus oxychloride

                  phosphorus oxychloride (molecular formula: POCl3), also known as phosphorus chloride, phosphorus oxychloride, chlorine oxidation of phosphorus, is an industrial chemical raw materials, a colorless transparent liquid. With a pungent odor. Intense fuming in moist air. The relative density of 1.67. Melting point of 1.25 ℃. Boiling point 105.1 ℃. Decomposition of the formation of phosphoric acid in water, ethanol and hydrogen chloride. Plenty of water is suddenly poured into the can react violently.


                        Jilin Yonglin Chemical Co., Ltd.
                          ADD:Jilin City, Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone, on the 3rd town

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